Thursday, April 5, 2012

NY Times Review!

"The crusts made by Pie Birds, ($25 for a nine-inch pie or six mini-pies), look sturdy, but go to pieces in flaky, buttery splendor. The fillings are lovely, too (light apple crumb, pumpkin topped with pecans), but that is incidental. Are the pies technically impeccable? Perhaps not, but they were the ones I kept eating, long after it was necessary for this review. Order by Nov. 19.

The bakers, Jessica Giannone and Caitlin Bebb, said that they met while performing in an all-female production of “Titus Andronicus.” Ms. Giannone played Demetrius, who is killed and baked into a pie, then eaten (unwittingly) by his mother. If this sounds like family Thanksgivings you’ve known, tread carefully this year, and bring your own pie. "